Xfinity US/DS Light Blinking? Here are some things you can try!

Are you searching for a fix to fix your router’s US/DS light blinking?

If Yes, then be happy your search ends here as in this article I will discuss why your router is blinking DS/US light and how you can fix it.

Well, if you want to go super quick, here’s a quick overview on what does us/ds mean on xfinity box and how to fix it:

If your Router’s US/DS light is blinking then it means that it is trying to establish an internet connection and will turn solid within a minute, but if it doesn’t stop blinking then try restarting it, checking the cables, and checking for Xfinity service outage.

What Does a US/DS Light blinking Mean?

US/DS Light Blinking

The blinking US/Ds light on your router means that it is establishing an internet connection and will stop blinking, once connected.

The US/DS light stops blinking within a minute and when it takes more time then it means they’re an issue with your router.

Normally, there are 4 reasons behind this unusual blinking issue i.e., Service outage, splitter issue, loose wire, or defective modem.

Check for Xfinity Service Outage

Check for Service Outage

The first and foremost step is to ensure that is there any service outage. As Router companies like ATT, Spectrum and Xfinity do a software update on a regular basis, and during the updating period, the service is stopped.

So, make sure to check for Service outages before changing any settings in your Xfinity Router. To check for service outage, follow these steps:

  • Go to on your android, IOS, or PC.
  • Type in the search bar for “Xfinity Service Outage”
  • Follow the first URL i.e.,
  • Here, Sign in with your account
  • After Successfully signing in, you will see a notification box, just click it and all the information about the service outage will be available there.

What if the router’s service is down? Well, in most cases the servers will be back within a short period of time like 2-3 hours.

Reboot your Xfinity Router

Reboot your Xfinity Router

This is the most effective fix for solving several router issues like US/DS light blinking. As the reboot will clear all the previous cache, and data in your router’s memory and will fix the bug (if any). To reboot your Xfinity router, follow these steps:

We consider, rebooting as one of the most effective fixes as it gives a positive result in many cases. So, make sure to try this before moving to the next fixes.

To reboot your router, first turn off the power supply by unplugging the modem from the power cable, then wait for at least 30 seconds after it, turn on the power supply by plugging back the power cable, and now wait until all the led’s on your modem starts blinking.

After a successful reboot, wait for at least 1 minute and check whether the US/DS Lights Blinking is fixed or not.

Reset your Router

If the Reboot didn’t fix the US DS Blinking issue, then you can try resetting your router.

Note – The Reset will wipe out all your previous settings, configurations, and data and you will need to reconfigure your router to connect.

Check for Cables

Check for Cables

Another reason behind the router us or ds light continuously blinking may be because of damaged cables. As you know cables play a major role in receiving internet signals and if there are not working properly, then how would the router establish an internet connection?

So, make sure your router’s cables are in a good working position. Here a question arises, how you can ensure that the cables are working properly? So, let me give you some tips to confirm.

Reboot your Gateway

If you checked your router’s cable and they are working properly then you can try rebooting your router’s gateway. To reboot it, just follow these steps:

Step 1. Turn off the Gateway modem and Unplug it from the wall. Step 2. Wait for about 15 – 30 seconds and plug back the modem. Step 3. Turn the gateway on.

Reset your Gateway

Sometimes it is necessary to reset our router’s gateway as resetting might fix the bugs and will clear out all the cache. Resetting your gateway is not a difficult task, you can do it by simply:

  • Firstly, pick up your modem
  • Then find the reset button (Most probably it will be on the back side of the router)
  • Take a pin and press and hold the reset button with it
  • Release the button when the light gets off.

If nothing works, Contact Xfinity Customer Support

Contact Customer Support

If nothing worked to fix the USDS Blinking, then the last and the golden option we have is Xfinity Customer Service. To contact Xfinity customer support, you can visit their Contact Us page.

On their contact us page you have an option to chat with their experts and resolve your issue. But if you want to contact customer support by their helpline number then you can simply select the “receive a call” option, in which you need to enter your contact number and an Xfinity expert will call you back.

But, if you need super quick support to fix ds/us light blinking then you can check their self-help pages, where they had explained solutions to every single query.


What does blinking US/DS light means on the Router?

If your router is continuously blinking US or DS light then it means that it is trying to establish an internet connection and will stop once connected to the internet. But, if it doesn’t stop then check the Xfinity Service outage, and try rebooting your router or resetting it.

What if US/DS light does not stop blinking?

If your router’s US/Ds light does not stop blinking, then it means that it failed to establish an internet connection. To fix it, firstly check the Xfinity server outage, try to reboot your router, or contact customer support.

Is my Router working properly?

To check whether your router is working properly, you can simply connect with it and run an internet speed test, if the speed test gives you a positive response then it means your router is working properly. If not, then you can try restarting your router or contacting customer support.

That’s it!

So, this is how you can fix US DS light blinking on your router. We hope you found this article helpful, if really then make sure to leave a comment below about which method had fixed it.

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