Vizio Sound Bar not Working? Follow these Steps to fix your Vizio Soundbar

Is your Vizio Sound Bar not Working? Well, you don’t need to worry as in this article we are going to discuss the reason why it’s not working as well as how to fix it.

As you know Soundbar is like a tastemaker in movies and songs, but if it starts showing any unusual issues then it can create a huge frustration and we know the same is with you. So, to give you relief we had created a guide on fixing the Vizio soundbar.

Remember: You can follow these steps to fix any of your Vizio soundbar models.

Why is your Vizio Sound Bar Not Working?

If your Vizio Soundbar is not working, it means something’s wrong. It can be because of any reasonable issue (Low battery, Connection issue) or any big issue (Wrong audio Settings or problem with cable).

As mentioned above there is no particular reason behind this Vizio Soundbar problem, which means that there is no specific solution to fix it.

So which method you should adopt to fix it? Well, if you ask us (Experts in this field), then we will advise you to follow the below troubleshooting steps until your Vizio sound bar starts working again.

How to Fix Vizio SoundBar not Working?

How to Fix Vizio SoundBar not Working

Now, coming to the fixes, below are the troubleshooting steps, that you need to follow sequence-wise, as the most working are arranged at the top.

Note: All these troubleshooting steps for fixing Vizio Sound Bar not Working are tried and confirmed by our experts, which means you can try these without any hesitation. 
  1. Check Power. As you know every single electric device (Tv, Speakers, Laptop, Remote Control, and more) requires power for working. Same with Vizio Soundbar, it also requires a power supply for work. So, make sure that your Vizio sound bar has an active power supply. To check whether the Vizio sound bar is having an active power supply, the first plugin in the power cord to the Soundbar, then turn on the power and check whether the led (On the Left front size) is blinking or not. If Blinking then it means power is ok, but if not then try changing the power cord.
  2. Check Audio Cable. The Problem with your Vizio Soundbar could be the audio isn’t being properly received from your device to Soundbar. In this case, try to unplug and then plug back the audio cable. So, to do that firstly, remove the audio cable (HDMI or Digital Audio ports) from your Tv and your Soundbar and wait for a few seconds, after that re-plug in the audio cable with both devices and check whether it is working or not. Also, check whether the audio cable is in working position or not, if damaged then try replacing it.
  3. Unpair and Re-pair Soundbar. If you are using your Vizio soundbar with Bluetooth instead of any HDMI or audio cable, then you can try to set up your soundbar again. To do this Turn on the Bluetooth in your Smartphone >> Now, Connect with Vizio Soundbar >> Next, click and hold on the Vizio Soundbar name >> A menu will appear, select Remove device >> Now, on the Soundbar >> Restart the soundbar >> Press and hold the Bluetooth button >> Now, reconnect the Bluetooth with your smartphone.
  4. Set The Correct Audio Output. Every tv has built-in speakers which are set as the default audio output, no matter whether any external speakers are connected or not. This means you need to change the audio output setting to the soundbar as the default speaker.
  5. Restart Your Device. Another step to fix your Vizio Sound Bar not Working is by Restarting your Device. As restarting a device gives a positive response in 80% of the cases, so we should also give it a try.
  6. Hard Reset Soundbar. If still nothing worked to fix Vizio Sound Bar not Working, then you can try hard resetting your Soundbar. To hard reset, your Vizio Soundbar follows the below-mentioned steps.

How to Reset Vizio Sound Bar

  1. To get started, make sure your Vizio Soundbar has an active power supply.
  2. After that, pick up the soundbar and on the top, you will find a few buttons (Power, Bluetooth, Volume Up & Volume Down)
  3. Now, press and hold 2 buttons – the Bluetooth button and the Volume Down button at the same same time.
  4. Hold both buttons until the led lights start to blink.
  5. After the Reset, you need to reconnect your Soundbar to your Tv or Smartphone.

Remember – If the led didn’t blink then it means you made a mistake. So try to reset it again and this time try to hold the button for a much longer time: around 30-40 seconds.

Note: Factory reset will erase all your device's data (Cache, settings and preferences) that you had saved in your Vizio Sound Bar.

If nothing Works, Contact Vizio Support

If you tried the above troubleshooting steps but still your Vizio Sound Bar not Working. Then the last option we have is Vizio Customer Support. Vizio Customer Support is available 24*7 to hear and fix your issues with every single customer. This means you can also contact them and get their personal help to fix your soundbar.

So, to contact them you can call them on their customer support number or you can mail them by mentioning all the issues you are facing and all the methods you had tried to fix them.

Customer Support NumberCustomer Support Mail id

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Conclusion on Vizio Sound Bar not Working

Your Vizio Soundbar is now in a properly working position, which means you can stream Netflix by enjoying the best sound experience with the Vizio Soundbar.

Now you know exactly how to fix your Vizio Sound Bar not Working issue and the reason why you were facing this issue.

Thanks for reading our article and we hope you will share us with your friends and family, so they can also learn the quick steps to fix your Vizio Soundbar.

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