Roku Remote Flashing Green Light

Is your Roku Remote Flashing Green Light and don’t know what to do?

Then you don’t need to worry as in this article we are going through some troubleshooting tips and methods that you can try to fix the Roku remote flashing green.

All the tips and methods, discussed in this article are tried and confirmed by our experts as well as Roku Experts, which means you can try these before buying a new remote.

Why is Roku Remote blinking Green Light?

Why is Roku Remote blinking Green Light

If your Roku Remote is Flashing Green Light, then it means that your Roku remote controller is not functioning correctly.

A wide range of things, like low battery, remote distance, connection bugs, firmware issues, or sometimes physical issues can lead to a green light on the Roku remote.

It will be difficult to find out, what exactly is wrong with your Roku remote, so we will advise you to go through some troubleshooting checks, before moving towards advanced methods.

Roku Remote Flashing Green Light: Preliminary Troubleshooting Tips

Well, if you are not sure what to do, then you can go through these troubleshooting tips, as they are good to try and have a high chance to fix the green light on your controller.

Well, in most cases we found that these troubleshooting tips, will solve the problem, but if you still face it, then you should try the advanced methods.

Replace remote batteries

The first troubleshooting option we have is the replacement of batteries. As you know a device requires a sufficient amount of power, to work properly, and sometimes if the batteries get low then our device begins to show some unusual issues.

Same with the Roku Remote, if the battery gets low, then it will show some issues like a connectivity issue. So to fix this you need to replace your Roku Remote’s old batteries with new AAA-size batteries.

Following are the methods to correctly Replace the batteries:

If the Roku remote not working with new batteries, then make sure to check whether the batteries are in the right position as sometimes, we insert batteries in the wrong terminal. So make sure that the batteries are in the right position.

Remove distance from Roku Remote

Sometimes, we use the Roku remote from a large distance, and due to distance, the remote is not able to transfer the command to the device and this may also lead to disconnection of the Roku remote with the Roku streaming device.

So to avoid this always make that you don’t use a remote from a far distance from the tv.

Tip: In most of the remotes (Including Roku Remote) the best connectivity area is around 3 meters, so make sure to use the remote within that area.

Update your Roku Streaming device to the latest firmware

One of the most important things, that you need to take care of is the latest firmware of the Roku Streaming devices. The latest update will optimize your device for better performance, and as well as will fix all the bugs with the previous updates. So, make sure that you are Roku software is up to date.

As you know, roku roll out updates for their devices on a regular basis and sometimes that updates are not compatable with our device model and due to this our device starts facing some issue like Roku Remote Flashing Green Light. Which means that these issues are because of software and to fix this you just need to update your device to the latest version.

To update your Roku firmware, you should:

Press Home >> Select Settings >> Now, Select System >> Here, you will see a lot of system-related options>> Find and Select the System Update option >> Here you will see the update on which your device is running and the latest update if any.

If the latest update is available, then an “Update Now” Button will be visible to you, so just click on it.

How to Fix Roku Remote Flashing Green Light?

How to Fix Roku Remote Flashing Green Light

Well, there are several troubleshooting methods to fix your Roku Remote green light blinking, but in today’s article, we are just going through a few methods that have a high success rate.

Note – All the methods are tried and confirmed by our ( Experts, which means you can use these methods to fix your issue.

Tip – It will be hard to find out what is actually wrong with your Roku Remote. So, we advise you to go through each method, as anyone can help you out and fix your Remote green light blinking issue.

Try Hardware factory reset your Roku streaming device

The First and the easiest troubleshooting method to fix your Roku Remote Flashing Green Light is Factory Resetting. The Factory Reset method is usually adopted as the foremost method, as 90% of the time, factory reset shows a positive result for our issues.

This means you can also try to adopt a factory reset as the first try to fix Roku Remote Flashing Green Light. So, to hardware factory reset your Roku Streaming device, just follow the below steps:

On the back side of your Roku device, you will see a small reset button >> Use a Pin, press and hold the reset button for at least 15-20 Seconds till the light starts blinking.

Ensure Your Remote is Properly Set Up or not

One another major reason behind Roku Remote Flashing Green Light can be because of the wrong setup. Sometimes, when we connect the Roku remote to the Roku streaming device, it doesn’t get properly set up and due to this, we can face the green light issue. So, make sure to check whether the Remote is properly set up or not and the steps to check are mentioned below:

Firstly, Connect your Roku Remote with the Internet >> Then access the remote setting and configure the display type on the screen >> To confirm the model of your TV, Select Yes and at last click ok to continue accessing your Roku entertainment.

Repair the Remote

The 3rd method, we have for you is to Repair the Roku Remote. We know, it is a silly thing, but in most cases, it gave a positive result.

This means, you can also try repairing your Remote, as this method have a high probability to fix the green light blinking on the Roku remote.

The Steps, to pair the remote with a Roku tv or with a Roku streaming stick are mentioned below.

Reboot the Roku Remote

Rebooting your Roku remote can also help you to fix Roku Remote blinking green Light issue. As you know, every device whether it is a remote, a tv, or smartphone stores some background data in it, and when the data gets overloaded it leads to some annoying issues.

Same, in the case of Remote, if the background data gets overloaded, it may require a reboot which will clear up the data and also the problems.

Rebooting the Roku remote is as same as a child’s play. Here’s how you can do it:

Replace the Remote

If you had tried replacing your remote batteries, rebooting it, updating software, and still didn’t fix the Roku Remote Flashing Green Light, then there is a chance that all the issue is with your remote. This means that you need to buy a new remote and connect it to your Roku device.

Use the Roku app as a Temperory Mode

Roku Mobile app

If you are still facing the same problem and want to use the remote to change the channel number or program on your Roku Tv. Then you can try the Roku app as a temporary mode.

The Roku app will work much smoother than the physical remote and will have some advanced features.

To use the Roku app as a Roku Tv Remote, you need to go through the below steps:

Go to the Google Play store or apple app store on your phone > Search and download the Roku app > After downloading, you need to set up it with your Roku tv > For which you need to click on search nearby device in the app > Their your Roku Tv name will appear > Here, click name to connect.

Contact Roku Support

Tried all the troubleshooting tips and methods, but still facing the Roku Remote blinking Green Light. Then the last option we have is to contact the Roku support team with our problem.

To contact the Roku Customer team, you need to call on their support number i.e., 408-556-9391 or you can also contact them by emailing them at their mail address by mentioning all things like what exactly you are facing, from how much time you are facing and some related stuff.

Pro Tip: For the best experience, we will advice you to make a list about what issue you are facing, from how much time you are facing it and what methods you had tried to fix it. This will help the Roku Support to figure out what exactly you are facing and how to help you. 

How to pair Roku remote

If you had hard reset your Roku remote or bought a new remote for your Roku Tv. Then you need to follow the below easy steps to pair it to Roku tv:

Go to the Roku TV “home screen” >> Then go to “Settings” >> Here, select “Remotes & devices” >> Then select “Set up a new device” >> Now, select “Remote” and then “Continue” >> Finally, press and hold the pairing button on your Roku Remote until you see the Status light flash green.

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We hope, that these troubleshooting methods had fixed the Roku Remote Flashing Green Light, and now you can use the Roku remote without any issue.

But if you still, face any issues then you can comment below with your details and we will try to help you out personally.

Thanks for reading.

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