Firestick Remote Blinking Orange

Is Your Firestick Remote Blinking Orange?

If Yes, then now you can be stress free as here in this article we are going to over 7 working ways to fix the Firestick Remote Blinking Orange issue.

All the Steps mentioned in this article are tried and confirmed by Amazon Experts as well as us, which means all the methods are 100% Working and we are sure that after reading this article, you will be expert in solving any flashing issue in Firestick.

So, without wasting our time, let’s start –

What does the Amazon Firestick Remote Blinking Orange indicate?

What does the Amazon Fire TV Orange Light Indicate

When the Amazon Fire Stick is blinking orange light then it means that your fire stick remote is not connected with any fire stick, which means that the remote is under the discovery mode. To fix it, you need to factory reset the remote or try by Troubleshooting it.

The common reason behind fire stick flashing orange light is because of

  • Remote is under discovery mode
  • Remote batteries are dead
  • Too many devices are connected
  • Remote is out of connectivity area
  • and some related reasons.

How to Fix FireStick Remote Blinking Orange

To Fix the Fire Stick Remote blinking orange issue, We are having infinite number of ways available on the Web. But in this article we are just going through the Top 10 way that are tested by our team.

Before you read all the way, below is a overview that what-what ways we are going to discuss.

  • Try to Factory Reset the Fire Stick Remote
  • Check for Batteries
  • Try to Restart the TV
  • Try to get Remote under the connectivity area
  • and more.

These are the ways that we are going to discuss in todays topic on How to fix Fire stick Remote orange blinking issue, So, now lets start –

Factory Reset Fire Stick Remote

The First method to fix Firestick Remote Blinking Orange light, is to factory reset fire stick remote. In which you need to follow the below steps mentioned steps and your remote will be back to working position.

  • Step 1. Pick up the Fire Stick Remote, press and hold Back button, Menu Button and the Left Navigation button, all at once for 12-15 seconds
  • Step 2. Now, Wait for approx 50-60 seconds, until the remote gets factory reset
  • Step 3. After that, you need to remove the batteries from Fire Stick Remote and then remove the Fire Stick from your Tv and wait for a few minutes (Approx 1-2 minutes will be sufficient)
  • Step 4. Now, in the Fourth Step, you need to Reconnect the Fire Stick to your Tv
  • Step 5. After that, it will take a few seconds to install, and after successfully install, you will be able to see the fire stick interface on your TV Screen
  • Step 6. Here, you need to connect your Fire Stick Remote to your Fire stick, for which you need to place back the batteries to Fire Stick remote and after that you need to press and hold the home button, for a few seconds and your Fire Stick remote will be connected to your fire stick.

Troubleshooting the FireStick Remote Blinking Orange

We hope that the factory reset of Fire stick remote, solved your issue but if not, then you can go through the below troubleshooting instructions that are advice by the experts.

Check the Batteries

The Most common reason behind Firestick Remote blinking orange is because the remote batteries are very low and needs to be replaced. As a low powered battery or died battery may disconnect your Remote from fire stick and it may put your remote under discovery mode.

Now, go and buy a new battery for your Fire stick remote and replace the batteries. If this do not solve your issue, then check whether the batteries are insert properly or not, if not then reinstall them in the correct position.

Tip: If you are using rechargeable batteries then try to replace it by Single use AAA size alkaline batteries as sometimes the rechargeable batteries do not provides the sufficient voltage and due to this your remote goes under discovery mode. So try to use the Single Use Batteries.

If this was unable to solve your issue, then check out other ways.

Restart the TV

Another solution for Blinking Orange light is to restart the TV as sometime we are trying to fix one thing but the actual fault is in another thing and here is a lot of chances for that. As sometimes restarting the TV can fix all the Issue.

So to restart it, you need to go near to your Tv and switch off the Power button and wait for a few seconds and then Switch on the Power button and give some time to TV, so it can be restart.

Remote distance from Fire Stick device

Sometime, we are trying to use the Fire stick remote from a large distance that is out of the connectivity area of firestick and as a result the remote goes under the discovery mode.

So, try to get closer to your fire stick and then use the remote.

Tip: As the Fire Stick Connectivity area is around 3 meters, so try to be between that area.

Multiple Fire TV devices

Sometimes, we had connected single remote with multiple Fire Sticks and all this issue can be because of that. As we are trying to give command to Fire stick and another fire stick is responding to it.

So, if you had also connected more than one fire stick with a single remote, then this can all because of that. So try to disconnect or reset the other Fire sticks from that remote and your problem will be solved.

Check for a software update

As you know Amazon Fire stick needs to be up to date, to give it’s best performance.

So, try to check your Fire stick for any update as there is a chance that this Fire stick blinking orange list issue can be because of it.

To check firestick for any update, follow these steps – Go to Settings on your Fire TV > select My Fire TV > select About > select Check for System Update.

Use the Fire Stick Remote App

FIrestick Tv app

If you tried each and every above mentioned way and was unable fix the orange light issue, then the Fire Stick Remote app can help you as a temporary remote.

You can download the Fire stick remote app in your smartphone or tablet and use it as a temporary solution. So, to download and use the fire remote app, just follow the below steps –

  • Connect your Phone or tablet to the same network where the Fire tv is connected
  • Go to play store or apple app store, and download and install the Fire Tv app
  • Now, Install and open the app
  • On the Home page, it will ask you for some permissions, allow them
  • Here, it will search and connect to the Fire Tv that is connected to the same network
  • After, connecting you will be able to use your Smartphone as a remote for your fire stick.

Important Note – Make sure to use Fire Stick Remote app, you need to connect your fire tv or fire stick and your Smart device in which the App is install should be on the same Wi-fi network.

What if Firestick Remote Still Blinking Orange

Firestick Remote Still Blinking Orange

If your Fire Stick Remote is still blinking orange color, then one powerful advice, for you is that you should contact the amazon firestick customer support. To contact their customer support, you can call them or mail them on their mail address or drop a message on your website customer support with your issue, that what exactly you are facing.

Video demonstration – Fire stick Remote Blinking Orange

Winding Up!

In the final words of Firestick Remote Blinking Orange issue, we will advice you to follow the above methods in a right sequence but if still it don’t solve your issue, then you can try to replace your remote or try to connect with the amazon fire tv customer support team.

You can also contact us for our experts support by commenting your detailed issue, and our team will try to get back to you with the right solution as soon as possible.

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