Disney Plus Not Working on Samsung TV? Here are the Top Fixes

Disney Plus Not Working on Samsung TV? Disney Plus is a globally demanded streaming service that allows you to stream your favorite movies and shows on a single platform. Disney Plus app and website work on every device and Tv whether it is Samsung smart tv, LG Smart Tv, Vizio Smart tv, and more. But what if it’s not working on your Samsung Tv? Yes, I know it’s very frustrating.

So, here a question arises how to fix Disney Plus Not Working on Samsung TV?

To fix the Disney+ when it is not working on your Samsung TV check your internet connection, try to clear the app cache, reset the smart hub, update the app, and update your Samsung Smart tv.

Below is a detailed explanation of the fixes.

1. Check your Internet Connection

Check Your Internet Connection

The first and foremost troubleshooting method to fix your Disney plus not working on Samsung tv is to check the Internet Connection. Sometimes, the internet automatically gets disconnected and as you know every application like Youtube, Netflix, and Twitch requires an active internet connection for working. So, make sure you have an active Internet connection. Here’s how to check whether you have an active internet or not:

  • Step 1. Pick up your Samsung Smart Tv Remote and press the Menu or Smarthub button.
  • Step 2. Select General > Network > Open Network Settings.
  • Step 3. Here you choose your network type (Wireless or Wired).
  • Step 4. Under the Wireless option, Check whether you are connected to any network or not.

What if you don’t have an active internet connection? If you don’t have active internet then check your wifi or try to connect with another network.

2. Restart the Disney+ app

Try Restarting the Disney+ app

If your Internet is working properly, then there is a possibility that the issue might be in the application itself. When we run the disney+ app on our TV, it sometimes faces some technical issues like lazy load, blank screen, buffering time out and sometimes the app doesn’t get started. As it is a technical issue, it can be fixed by simply restarting the disney+ app. Restarting the application is one of the most preferred methods to fix any technical issue in the app as it clears out all the previous cache and fixes the bug. Let me show you how to do it.

Pick up your Samsung Tv remote > Press the Home (App Drawer) Button > Here you will see all the applications including Disney+ > Select and Hold the Disney+ app > “App Info” > Now, tap on “force stop“.

After the Successful force stop, wait for 30-40s and open the disney+ app.

Most probably this had fixed your Disney Plus Not Working on Samsung TV issue, but if it still not then try to repeat this method as sometimes the app doesn’t clear the cache the first time. So try to repeat it one or two more times.

3. Restart Your Samsung Tv

Try Restarting your Samsung Tv

If restarting the app didn’t show you a positive result, then you can give chance to restart your Tv. I know that’s an obvious thing but we should give it a try again as, in our test, we found that restarting our device can also help us to fix the issue.

So, let’s give it a try, here’s how to do it:

  1. Turn off your Tv and plug out the power cable
  2. Wait for at least 30-40 seconds
  3. Afterward, plug in the power cable and turn on your Tv

Now, open the disney+ app and check whether it is fixed.

4. Reinstall the app

If still nothing works, then try reinstalling the Disney plus app. Reinstalling the app will update it to its latest version and fix all the bugs (if any).

You may think that this may be silly advice, but trust me you have no idea how effective this could be. So, on my advice just give it a try. Here are the steps to reinstall the Disney plus app:

Go to app Drawer > Select and Hold the Disney plus app > Tap on uninstall > Confirm it > Now, Go to Play store > Search and install the Disney plus application.

Note – Reinstalling the application will wipe out all the cache, data, and linked accounts. This means it will remove all your data like your previously logged-in account, your preferences, and more.

5. Update your Tv

Update your Samsung Smart Tv

This is the last resort if disney+ not working on your Samsung tv. You can try updating your Tv as sometime the previous or we can say the older version. Updating your Samsung tv will fix all the previous bugs and issues with your tv and will also enhance your smart tv performance as it will improve its speed.

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If Nothing Works, Contact Customer Support

Contact Customer Support

If nothing worked to fix your Disney+ not working issue then the golden option we have is Disney+ customer support. To Contact Disney plus, the best option we have is to contact them through their Help Center page. Here you will find all the options to contact them either it contact through the chatbot or contact through their customer support number.

If you want to go super quick, then for you there are some help pages on every topic linked to Disney + app and website. To find the solution to your problem, just enter the issue in the search bar and press the search button.


How to Fix Samsung TV Disney Plus Buffering Timeout?

If Disney plus buffering get’s timeout on your Samsung tv, then try to force reset the Disney plus app. As one of the main reasons behind buffering timeout is cache and resetting your Disney plus app will clear all the previous cache.

What to Do When Your Samsung TV Won’t Open Disney Plus?

If your Samsung tv is not opening disney plus, then try to restart your Samsung Smart Tv. To Restart it, follow these steps – Turn off your Tv and plug out the power cable >> Wait for at least 30-40 seconds >> Afterward, plug in the power cable and turn on your Tv

How can I fix the Disney Plus not working on my Samsung TV?

If the disney plus application is not working on your Samsung tv, then to fix it try restarting the app, checking your internet connection, clearing the app cache, and restarting your tv.

That’s it

Now you know how to fix Disney Plus Not Working on Samsung TV and you will be definitely happy to stream disney+ on your Samsung smart tv. Please let us know in the comment section, that which method had help you out and what was the actual issue you was facing.

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