The Best Processor in Gaming PC

1. Intel Core i9-11900K processor The Intel Core i9-11900K is a high-end processor from Intel’s 11th generation of desktop CPUs, released in March 2021. Here are some of the key details about this processor: Overall, the Intel Core i9-11900K is a high-end processor designed for demanding applications, including gaming, content creation, and productivity. It offers … Read more

How to Screenshot on HP Envy

How to Screenshot on HP Envy

Are you using an HP Envy laptop and trying to find an easy method to take screenshots? If Yes, Then your search ends here as this article will show you How to Screenshot on HP Envy of any website, program, or video game with a wide variety of different methods. I am sure that after … Read more

What is Spectrum NETGE-1000 Error and How to Fix it?

Fix an unexpected error has occurred NETGE-1000

Are you trying to log in to your Spectrum account and facing the “an unexpected error has occurred NETGE-1000” issue? If Yes, then now you can relax as here we have discussed all about what is NETGE 1000 Error, How you can fix it, and how you can log in to your Spectrum account. Now, … Read more

How to Reset Vizio Sound Bar

How to Reset Vizio Sound Bar

How to Reset Vizio Sound Bar – Are you facing any issues with your Vizio Soundbar? If Yes, then one quick and easy way to fix it is by Resetting it. But remember Resetting a sound bar is not very easy. As most of the users face issues in resetting it and I think you … Read more

Xfinity Modem Blinking Green? Here are 6 Ways to Fix it

Xfinity Modem Blinking Green

Is your Xfinity Modem Blinking Green Light? If Yes, then I can understand your situation as a few days ago I was facing the same situation and was getting a lot of frustration. But the Frustration was for a few hours until me and my team solved this Xfinity Router Blinking Green issue and now … Read more

Markky Streams – Best Sports Streaming site of 2022

Markky Streams

Are you wishing to stream live sports on Markky Streams? Then I am sure that a few questions will surely arise in your mind like whether it is legal to use, How to safely stream with markky Stream, What sports are available on it, and more. If you have any questions related to Markky Streams, … Read more

Spectrum Router Red Light Blinking

Spectrum Router Red light Blinking

Are you Facing Spectrum Router Red Light Blinking Issue? We know that facing any technical issue related to WIFI and are not able to solve it. Guess what – Now, you will be able to Solve your Routers Red Light flashing issue in just 2 Minutes. As, In this post, We had covered 5+ Different … Read more